“Professor Butcher is an amazing teacher, which is not true of all professors at the university level; as a teacher, she is actually trying to equip her students with skills and resources to learn through the help she provides and the questions she raises.”
—"Contemporary Wild Women," Ohio Wesleyan University
“Amy Butcher is the facilitator of magic. There is so much more to this class than just her readings and assignments. It's her presence. Looking forward to you waving that magic wand again in June."
—"The Literary Memoir," The Iowa Summer Writing Festival
“Amy shows up prepared with essays to shake and rattle a student’s perception of what an essay “should be.” This approach unleashes me to write about topics in new ways. It can feel overwhelming and compelling to face and write about so much truth in a 5-day workshop. But Amy provides a courage filled container for a writer.The first time I took a workshop from Amy, I was stuck in the mud of writer’s block. She has a kind of perception or intuition about writers, and she saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. And during that 5-day workshop, she was able to convey that belief in a way that allowed me to become “unstuck.” I feel Amy excels at what a teacher needs to do:  help students discover, uncover and express their gifts.”
—"Essay Writing Bootcamp," The Iowa Summer Writing Festival
“Amy has a unique way of connecting with students. She shows a lot of passion for the work she does and encourages her students.”
—"The Literary Memoir," The Iowa Summer Writing Festival
“Amy provided us with many diverse writing prompts and skills. I learned so much in her workshop, and my writing grew exponentially. Amy was very knowledgeable, very engagement, very inviting, and incredibly supportive. I am so grateful to have attended this workshop with her.”
—"Essay Writing Bootcamp," The Iowa Summer Writing Festival
“This course was a pleasure to take and learned so much in terms of style, organization, and craft. Would suggest for anyone looking to be a writer, novelist, journalist, essayist. OWU is very lucky to have such a passionate, compassionate, and talented professional.”
—"Magazine Writing," Ohio Wesleyan University
“For what it is worth, Amy Butcher is hands down my favorite teacher I've ever had.”
—"Introduction to The Essay," The Sitka Fine Arts Camp
“She is so enthusiastic about her work and our learning that it is hard not be enthusiastic, too. She covers a wide range of topics in this class with the essays we read. She also created a really authentic environment in class, which was really helpful to discussion.”
—"Writing Essays," Ohio Wesleyan University
“She is a strong and amazing teacher. I really enjoy her teaching in any class I take with her.”
—"Readings in Memoir," Ohio Wesleyan University
“So glad I took this class; it has helped me to appreciate the craft that goes into essay writing and has helped me appreciate the form more.”
—"Essay Writing Bootcamp," The Iowa Summer Writing Festival
“Great course and instructor—I have learned so much and improved as a writer immensely.”
—"Advanced Nonfiction Workshop," Ohio Wesleyan University
“Very helpful and wise—she does a wonderful job of including the entire class and really pushing students to develop and thrive.”
—"The Literary Memoir," The Iowa Summer Writing Festival
“Professor Butcher is the best English teacher I’ve ever had. She’s incredibly outgoing, knowledgable, and fun, and the course was very well-organized. I would absolutely recommend her to my peers.”
—"Interpretation of Literature," The University of Iowa
“She is very clearly passionate about teaching, and knows when to balance a conversational tone with a professional one.”
—"Writing Essays," Ohio Wesleyan University
“Ohio Wesleyan University needs more professors like Butcher—she makes me feel competitive.” 
—"Magazine Writing," Ohio Wesleyan University
“With Amy's coaching and leadership, I am willing to stretch myself emotionally and creatively. I want to write my best for Amy.  Not all teachers motivate me in that way. Amy’s passion and writing talent encourages me to find my calling and share my stories. As her student, she instills confidence in me.  And when I haven’t gone deep enough in an essay, she senses this and then urges me to go deeper. With her guidance, I have the courage to express the deeper truths.”
—"Essay Writing Bootcamp," The Iowa Summer Writing Festival​
“Amy is a fabulous teacher. She provided lots of material to read and helped me see new forms of memoir writing. I am not an experienced writer, but I loved the material and Amy’s teaching style. She is one of the best teachers I have ever worked with.”
—"The Literary Memoir," The Iowa Summer Writing Festival​
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