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Nonfiction Workshop

Now Accepting Students!

Upcoming: Nonfiction Workshop

Class Schedule:

This class will be held in Winter 2023 (exact dates TBD).

Class Description:

You have true stories you want to tell, the drive to tell them, and everyone around you cheering you on (or else lamenting, complaining, urging you to begin, already!). But when you sit down to write, you feel as though you're a traveler without a roadmap, a writer without a deadline, an artist who needs and even craves constructive criticism and a dedicated pool of committed readers.


Welcome to our nonfiction workshop. This course functions as an innately critical creative writing workshop designed for individuals who are serious about their writing and serious, too, in their pursuit of advancing and polishing their work. The nature of our small, weekly workshop means each student will contribute to a vibrantly constructive, creative classroom space that encourages a supportive but sophisticated, rigorous approach to writing and revising creative nonfiction essays. Due to our workshop schedule, each student will also be held accountable in producing new material and revising regularly based on ample constructive written and verbal feedback. Students will also receive an individualized one-on-one conference with the instructor during which they'll receive personalized feedback and reading and writing recommendations.

This workshop is for writers of all backgrounds and skill levels who feel they would benefit from the ability to share and receive constructive feedback on their writing. Prior experience with a creative writing workshop is helpful but by no means necessary. Focus will be on shaping, restructuring, and revising existing nonfiction drafts.



Class Features:

Robust verbal and written feedback on your manuscripts through comprehensive in-class workshops

Deadlines that hold you accountable to your writing
An intellectual, creative community of fellow writers who can provide support and feedback on your work

Individualized one-on-one conferences for personalized feedback and suggestions

Insider advice and suggestions on how and where to submit your work for publication


The Fine Print:
This class is open to writers of all backgrounds and skill levels
Emphasis will be on revising existing work

Writers accepted into this class must be supportive of their fellow classmates and eager to learn together
Class size is limited; students will be enrolled on a first-come, first-serve basis
Classes will meet on Zoom

Due to the small nature of this workshop, no refunds available

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